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  Leading for Value


What is Leading for Value?

wdp|consulting has developed an holistic model called “Leading for Value”  that both focuses on and challenges the culture and processes of an organisation and by consideration of their position in the bigger picture enables the organisation to implement the most appropriate methodology to ensure improvements to the value equation.

F            Value   =  Customer perceived benefit received

                            Resources used to provide benefits

The challenge faced by all organisations today is that of providing improved products and services with less resource, as customer and stakeholder demands increase.

Over the years many initiatives have been developed to assist organisations, but which of these should be used to achieve the desired business results and attain success against the changing expectations?  














  • Provides better products and services for customers

  • Develops and empowers employees

  • Focuses on where the need is for the business

  • Works in all parts of the business

  • Uses well-established tools


Our Programme


We recognise that each organisation is different and therefore there is a need to select, apply and adapt the tools and ideas to fit in order to make your organisation more responsive, efficient, competitive, and profitable. 


The Leading for Value model considers:

  • How to define value in terms relevant to the customer

  • How leadership is central to delivering value

  • How to recover lost value caused by errors

  • How to improve existing value of current processes

  • How to create new value through innovation and creativity

  • How to protect the value once created