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A sample of our clients in both the private and public sectors:


Automotive Academy


Amcor Flexibles

Avon Automotive

Avon Rubber
Eaton Automotive


Eli Lilly

Hydro Aluminium

Intra- Juvel

Kongsberg Automotive




Lander Automotive

Martin Group

Novo Nordisk

Siemens mobile


Surrey County Council

Teleflex Morse

Thatcham (M.I.R.R.C.)

Tinsley Bridge Ltd

T.I. Automotive

UK Skills

West Pharma






"During the past year we have taken advantage of WDP's powerful techniques for mapping and then improving our product development processes. Their skilled consultants have the uncanny ability to sort through the chaff and bring near laser like focus on faulty procedures. They then are able to bring together competing work groups to identify and define work flow improvements. As non-partial meeting facilitators there are none better."

Michael R. Perrault, Senior Director, Organization Effectiveness, Xircom, Inc.



"WDP has actively supported us. The salient impact was that they tailored the sessions to meet the company's needs rather than vice versa. Additionally, the training was on real life, current day, important to bottom line issues.

The joy for me is to have the academia but with WDP they actually dare to run live projects in our steelworks environment with operators, engineers and management from differing walks of life which is what sets them apart from the ordinary consultancy. For that I both applaud and recommend WDP for the work done to date in these fields."

Quality Manager, UK steelworks manufacturer