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What are competencies?

Competencies are the skills and attributes that an organisation, and the people who work in it, need to do well in order to perform with excellence. Competencies are invaluable in providing a common and consistent language for discussing performance and potential and can be used in recruitment, career development, performance management and self-development.



Through the use of a competency framework individuals can improve delegation, motivation, empowerment, coaching, mentoring, teamwork, diversity, personal integrity, communication, and customer relations skills.


What we offer

We work closely with clients in the research and design stage, assisting them in developing and building a competency framework that fits the needs of the organisation and individuals.  We are able to provide people to do the work or advise clients on the process to follow.  We offer competency training and supplementary guides, examples include our selection interview guide and self development guide.


The competency framework can be single or multi-level depending on the size of the target population.


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