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  Problem Solving (G8D)


What is G8D?

Ford Automotive’s problem solving methodology where the approach is to get to the root cause while providing a framework for change that becomes an integrated part of daily work.  This programme is only available through Ford accredited organisations, like WDP Consulting.

  • We provide the necessary skills  to correctly describe a problem and to collect relevant facts in order to identify the root cause. 
  • We identify the root causes through a  well-defined and logical process. 

  • Identifies alternative solutions and provides the tools to identify the best solution.

  • An efficient approach to problem solving ensuring that the problem itself is dealt with once and for all.

What we offer

Our G8D programme provides guidance on key steps that should be taken, before, during and after a problem, contains a range of problem solving tools, that are used to manage and analyse the data collected, helps individuals to develop skills to perform better under pressure and provides standard reporting formats that aid speed and clarity of communication within the organisation.


Article: 'We have a problem' written by Stephen Halliday


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