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  Process Improvement


RISE-our patented process for problem solving and process improvement.


1.  Recognize and prioritise process improvement opportunities

2.  Plan and implement contingency actions (if required)

3.  Define project scope, sponsors and stakeholders

4.  Determine approach and team makeup


1.  Map current process flow & identify key elements/customers wants

2.  Remove obvious problem causes & stabilise the process (optional quick wins)

3.  Establish vision for future performance

4.  Analyse gaps between the current & ideal process-evolution or revolution


1.  Identify and define improvement options

2.  Map alternative process flow(s) and pilot

3.  Analyse risks, costs/benefits and decide on best solution

4.  Develop change plan and implement solution


1.  Evaluate solution

2.  Review organisational circumstances

3.  Make recommendations for organisational learning

4.  Document and communicate project


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