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What is TRIZ?

TRIZ, the Russian acronym for “theory of inventive problem solving,” brings a scientific approach to creative thinking. Over 50 years of observation and research into how the inventive mind works resulted in techniques that can be taught and applied to a variety of situations where new and useful solutions are required. 



While TRIZ is based on the classical sciences, the course concepts can be applied to non-technical situations as well.


Our Programme

Two day hands on workshop learning to incorporate TRIZ techniques in any problem solving or process improving initiative.


Engineers, leaders, managers, Black Belt and Green Belt practitioners, individuals for whom generating novel concepts is important.

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • See problems in new ways

  • Stimulate their curiosity in a focused and productive manner

  • Use existing problem solving methods (Global 8D, Six Sigma, etc) more effectively

  • Feel challenged rather than discouraged by problems that contain contradictory objectives

  • Communicate problems precisely and search more effectively for solutions even across domains

  • Set more effective expectations around their creative energies

  • Increase their confidence in promoting well thought through problem/solution  sets